Rental of products

Eeny Boutique has been renting and selling formal wear for both women and graduates since 2016. We advise our clients on what to wear to different formal and informal events.

Every woman wants to look her best, both for formal receptions and business meetings, to create the right mood. Often, different receptions also prescribe your specific attire, style and sometimes even color, which will be indicated on the invitation you receive.

The formal costume rental prices are determined by the cost price, the complexity of maintenance and the degree of wear.

On average, the cost of renting a dress ranges from €25 to €38 per occasion, i.e. for 10 calendar days.

Terms and conditions of the rental

We recommend that you read our terms and conditions carefully before renting the items. Our rental prices for the clothing range from €25 to €38, with the deposit usually equal to the price of the item being rented. Prices for party bags, headwear, footwear, jewelry, and other accessories range from €5 to €25.

The rental price indicated for clothing and other products is the price of one rental, specific for each product. Clothes and costumes can be rented for up to 10 calendar days. By agreement also for a longer period. In the event of a later return than agreed, we are only entitled to refund 50% of the deposit. If you are unable to return the clothes at the agreed time, please call to arrange a new time. When you rent a piece of clothing, you will be charged a deposit in addition to the rental price, which will be returned intact when you return the items. We cannot refund the deposit in full if the clothes are damaged.

We hand over the clothes in a clean and intact condition. Hence, we ask you to keep the items in good condition and not to damage them maliciously. If the item is damaged, the value for the recovery will be charged; if heavily soiled, the fee for special cleaning will be charged; and in the case of completely ruined items, the deposit will not be refunded fully.

​You can check out the clothing and other products we offer for rental on our website and Facebook page. The approximate sizes are indicated for each product. We recommend that you check the size of the item before you rent it by consulting our size chart.

Rental by post. We use either SmartPost, Omniva or courier services. When delivering by post, the postage cost is paid by the person renting the clothing according to the price list of Eeny Fashion OÜ. Before delivery by post, you will need to pay the rental cost and the deposit or use the hire-purchase service by Montonio. The latter is suitable if you do not wish to pay the deposit yourself. In this case, Montonio will guarantee the deposit. Choose Montonio hire-purchase option with 0% of contribution payment and a repayment period of 12 months. By returning the product, Eeny Fashion OÜ will terminate the hire-purchase agreement with Montonio on behalf of the customer and the customer will be left to pay the costs for the rental and postage. There are no other additional costs for the customer. Eeny Fashion OÜ will pay Montonio Finance OÜ a contract fee of 2% of the product price for the customer. Find out more hereMontonio hire-purchase.

In the case of delivery by post, the start date of the rental period is the date the product is sent. Please make sure that we have enough time to send the clothes by post. We recommend always asking for measurements and making sure they fit.

Suitable clothing items can also be reserved for 1 to 5 working days by writing to us. Reservation is a guarantee that the items you need will be available in time.

When renting the items on site, we ask you to provide the proof of identity and disclose your phone number.

For items delivered by post, we ask you to register as a customer so that we have all the necessary information needed for the rental. Your personal details are all protected on our website. Read more about that in Privacy Policy.